If you want to know the services that the earthmoving and excavation specialists of Express Bin Hire and Demolition engage in, the same would be as detailed below:

Excavation works

This is work not limited to but includes boring, and earthworks that happen in confined spaces, earthmoving works, building trenches, pits, pool excavation, post holes in commercial or industrial sites or in projects that necessitate this.

Earthmoving and Trenches building

Earthmoving is basically readying an area for some future project to come-up or facilitate some future project to be set-up. Also, in relation, if trenches are required to be built, we will do so.

Building retaining walls and landscape construction

As part of any landscaping activity, be it commercial or residential, retaining walls are essential, and likewise some landscape construction too has to be undertaken. Retaining walls help prevent soil erosion and help collect water accordingly. And if this is something that you require, we are good for that.

Drainage solutions

As part of the landscape construction or any other related work, if you require setting up or erecting drains and proper drains solutions, and not to miss, grease traps, grey water and new drains, we undertake the same.

Rubbish removal

After a building construction, all the rubbish and the after builders cleaning and its removal will be carried out by us.

Equipments used

The equipments and machinery we have to assist us in our earthworks excavation works include:

  • A 1.5 ton Kubota Excavator
  • 250mm & 450mm Dig Buckets
  • 1000mm Mud Bucket
  • A Mini Loader
  • About 200mm, 350mm & 450mm Augers
  • 4-in-1 Bucket
  • 1050mm tight access area machine width (very good for tight spaces)
  • 1300mm wide to 1000mm machine which is perfected to reach areas or corners which others find it difficult to reach. It can get in through even a gap or a width of one metre.
  • 4 ton Tip truck

If you want to engage the services of Express Bin Hire and Demolition for any earth works or related works, call us on 0410 894 567 or write in to


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